Areas of Practice

Banking, Financial and Insurance Law 

  • The Firm assists leading banks, insurance companies, important financial operators and industrial companies on every kind of financing and financial transaction, supporting its clients during all the various phases of the operation, from organizing to negotiating the financial documentation, up to the management of the relations with the regulatory Authorities. 
  • The Firm’s activities include drafting and negotiating the necessary documentation, drafting legal advice and arranging of complex legal structures for a large range of banking and financial transactions, such as national and international contracts for credit guarantees, credit letters, project and structured finance operations and securitization. The Firm is also skilled in derivatives.

Bankruptcy Law and corporate restructuring 

  • The Firm assists its clients on a wide range of issues, representing both creditors and insolvent companies, liquidators and official receivers and also funds specialized in bad debt businesses. The activities cover also litigation proceedings against administrators and supervisory bodies, as well as debt collection and assessment of credit claims. 

Litigation, arbitration and ADR 

  • The Firm assists its clients in every aspect of litigation management both before ordinary courts and in national and international arbitration. The Firm can also assist clients in in Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. 
  • The Firm provides assistance in every state jurisdiction, ordinary or special, and particularly in civil, commercial, corporate, banking and financial proceedings and any other area of the law where the Firm gives assistance. The Firm also assists its client also in Tax Litigation. 

Corporate and commercial, mergers and acquisitions 

  • The Firm assists its national and international clients in extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, acquisitions, corporate group restructuring, drafting of shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements and incorporation of new companies. 
  • The assistance to clients covers all the aspects of the transaction, including legal and tax structuring, drafting and negotiating of contractual documentation (such as letters of intent, letters of procedure, investment agreements, acquisition agreements, shareholders agreements, financial documents, etc.), as well as the pre-closing and post-closing activities.

Administrative Law

  • The Firm gives assistance in all sectors of administrative law, both in and out of court proceedings.  The active professionals in this practice have gained a significant experience in the field of public contracts, in particular with regard to procurements, public services concessions as well as town planning and environmental  law.  In operations involving regulated sectors or with particular important public law profiles, our Firm encourages a strong coordination with all professionals operating in the different practice areas, in particular with those operating in project financing, energy, electronic communications, real estate, competition and transportation law.
  • The Firm offers advice in public accounting and legal assistance in litigation proceedings before the State Auditor’s Department. 

Project Finance

  • Thanks to an integrated skill base of the administrative, financial, banking law areas and the specific competences developed in the different industrial sectors, the Firm assists its clients in project finance, public works projects, infrastructure, transports, public procurements, environment, city planning, public services and utilities, energy. 

Corporate Governance and Compliance 

  • The Firm assists financial and non-financial companies, which raise capital from public or restricted equity, in legal issues of corporate governance. 
  • In particular, the Firm gives advice and assistance in assessing and defining the best governance structure for preventing any risk in corporate management, in improving the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for the development of a sound corporate governance through the solution of the management related problems  and the implementation of good governance best practices.  

Energy Law 

  • The Firm offers assistance in regulatory, contract and authorization issues for exploring, exploiting and marketing of oil and gas and other natural resources as well as producing and marketing of electricity. The assistance extends also to construction operations and management of power production plants both traditional and fuelled by renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal energy and biomass).
  • The assistance includes drafting of contracts for the supply, import and sale of transmission capacity and representing its clients before the sector’s competent authorities (Ministry for Economic Development, Authority for the Electricity and Gas –AAEG-, Energy Services Operator –GSE-, Energy Markets Operator –GME-).

Debt Collection 

  • Our Firm has developed considerable experience in assisting leading companies and credit institutions to set up debt collection processes for recovering large debts. 
  • Within this activity, the Firm has created a team of in-house professionals able to follow the debt collection activity from the initial phase until the procedural phase thanks also to a network of outside correspondents present over the national territory.
  • The Firm makes use of computerized processes that, with the help of proprietary software, makes possible to manage a high number of cases. 
  • Furthermore, the Firm gives assistance and advice in the analysis of the juridical issues connected with the relations underlying the credit generating the debt.
  • Together with the debt collection activity, allowing the handling of a high volume of cases and a limited management cost, the Firm offers also advice in extrajudicial debt collection through a qualified phone collection system, using lawyers and injunction decrees, and also through the use of proprietary software with workflow automation and automatic selection of the high-priority collection case.  The Firm’s system makes possible to start the judicial procedure (i.e. on non-respected recovery plans) without any additional activity, timeline and costs.  
  • For the purpose of the management of the debt collection activity, the Firm makes use of a technological platform allowing the massive dispatch of letters of notice and monitoring of the results. The synergy with business partners allows the Firm to monitor the outcome of the letters, the reception on line of the scanned receipts and the reasons for the possible failed delivery (i.e. transfer, death, etc).  
  • The Firm’s technological platforms also allow a great control of the extrajudicial debt collection carried out by the inside call center, made up of registered professionals. All contacts are recorded by the system, together with the documents of each file, which can be downloaded and made available offsite through connection to the management software. 
  • Judicial proceedings, starting from the appeal, are also supported by our management systems which allows for a  massive submission of petitions for injunction and the monitoring of the subsequent phases. 
  • The debt collection activity of the Firm develop on the whole national territory thanks to the support of a wide network of agents who, updating directly the data files by accessing the software, allows the Firm to timely check the status of the single positions.